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Study in Disaster Management

Bangladesh is a disaster­prone country among the countries that usually fall into natural calamities either it happens for geographical location, natural or fabricated, that whatever reason. It is a country belongs to South Asia where sometime Aila sweeps through the country or the cyclone Sidr, it is sometimes submerged in flood water or ablaze or building collapse again killing thousands of people. With proper management, taking into consideration how to deal with disaster Bangladesh as a disaster­tolerant country in a number of important universities of the country, “disaster management” is taught on the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

However, in a significant increase in demand for the issue there introduced in the university individually, naming Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies. Under the sociology department at the University of initially 2009 post-graduate education programs on disaster management, but since 2012 BA (Hons) at the Institute of distinct opportunity to read.

Institute Director Dr. Mahbuba Nasrin said, “Disaster management in case of Bangladesh is now a major challenge for the country. The disaster management issues are now constantly increasing importance. Not only in our country, there increases opportunities and prospects in these respects every day.

Main aim of the program: Nationally and internationally accredited leading universities that play pivotal role in the field of disaster management for the purpose of efficient conductor is committed to sustainable development through the creation of the main goals of the institute can work here.

The new and challenging at the Institute BA (Hons), MSc, diploma courses, certificate courses, MPhil and even PhD students studying in the program can enter these courses. There is a variety of opportunities for internship programs at the institute by disaster.

Education and qualification for admission: a semester system, in honor of a 4­ year undergraduate enrollment in the university admission exam normal ‘B’ and ‘D’ unit admission test will be able to participate. For admission to the two­year post-graduate from any recognized university and four­year bachelor’s degrees, it requires to have CGPA ,must have at least .5. The third category is not acceptable in any way. The public university graduates of two­year or three­year bachelor’s degree, pass the course can apply.

Job fields: Why do you choose to study the issue of disaster management? Asked second­year student of the Institute for Disaster Management, said Sabrina Arefeen, the root cause of suffering is ‘disaster and the subsequent mismanagement of the human suffering. I would like to be properly informed about disaster management at the time the right way to help people to stand beside them. Therefore, the choice of the matter is dominant here. In addition, under the Ministry of Disaster Management in government jobs at the subject matter are quite acceptable. As well as various national and international NGOs and development organization, provide scope of work to the students.

Contact: Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, Lecture Theater building, second floor, Dhaka University, Dhaka­-1000.

Phone: + 8802966190073