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A Dhaka University Teacher was Accused for Sexual Abuse to a Female Student

A Dhaka University teacher accused of sexual abuse against a female student in the course of the Evening MBA. To cover up the incident, but later she married the girl in the dowry demanded. He is now threatening to divorce because she did not pay dowry.

The lawyers accused the university of Management and Information Systems (MIS), Abu Nasser Muhammad Saif lecturer. The students in the university Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor (Academic), syndicate member, and the Proctor written complaint to the department chairman, sought redress in the event.

In this regard, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University (education) and the Dhaka University sexual harassment and nipiranarodha Committee. Nasrin Ahmed, who has a complaint. The university has a cell for such incidents; it will take the necessary measures to investigate the incident. However, it must be before the syndicate and the Deans Committee meeting. Consider the direction of the cell will start functioning from there.

He was a ‘mess’ as saying, they go to the mess at home and abroad to approach us and fell into trouble.

The University Proctor Prof. Ali said, “Of such a complaint, Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor (Academic), syndicate members, the chairman of the Department of Management and has also suffered the student concerned. University to prevent the sexual harassment and persecution of the cells, so that they may take action with respect to the investigation. MIS, a lecturer in the University to learn about the alleged comments with Saif al-Islam, Abu Nasser Muhammad cell phone off when you are trying to yogayoagera.

MIS written complaint of sexual abuse at the school’s 19th batch of the studies at the Faculty of Business Studies to help Muhammad Saif in his room (No. 6012), I often used to go to. I occasionally went to his room. Taking advantage of the situation, on November 4 last year, said he raped me. If you want to tell the story of the friends he promised to marry me. Then the two men several times about the physical jarai. By the end of February this year, she asked several times to marry him after attending a seminar held in Nepal to return home and promised to get married. Take me to Saif, Nepal and the two together are home to the hotel and his friends.

According to the complaint, on March 4 and 5 March, Saif and the student is married to an affidavit of marriage. They lived together as husband and wife. But the March 15, Muhammad Saif’s father and sister met her husband at a city restaurant. 80 Lough money to buy a flat in Dhanmondi before he demanded dowry. But the girl and her father and her husband refused to pay dowry, and he was angry and leave the restaurant. He claimed the dowry money and threatened to send the deed of divorcement.

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