Public University

University of Dhaka

  • Social Welfare and Research Institute
  • Institute of Modern Languages
  • Information Technology Institute
  • Leather Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Dhaka University Library

    Eighteen of the university library of books started. Currently, more than eighty six million books in the library.

    Sculptor of the Monument

    • Unbeatable Bengali
    • Anti-Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture
    • Acquired freedom
    • Terrace wagtail
    • Three leader’s shrine
    • Baby gates
    • Independence
    • Swami Vivekananda Statue
    • Shaheed Minar
    • Ghrnastambha
    • Madhudar sculpture
    • Saptasahid monument
    • Buddhist Sculpture


    Residential Halls of Dhaka University

    University students are to stay connected as with some Halls for resident / non-resident students. The university students are 15 and 5 residential halls for students. The Faculty of Fine Arts and the Institute of Business Administration is a separate hostel for students and an international hostel for foreign students.

    Dhaka University Organization

    Political organizations are active at the University of Bangladesh Chhatra Union, Samajtantrik Chhatra Front, Bangladesh Chhatra League, Bangladesh Jatyotabadi Chhatra Dal, Chhatra Maitree as revolutionary. Also noteworthy cultural organizations include the Prapada, Dhaka University Film Society, Grazing cultural center, University Photographic Society, Dhaka University Debating Society, University Tourist Society, University of Science and Society, Science movement stage, Bangladesh Open Science Organization, Stopping, cultural unions etc. Besides “Madhu Da”, the a host of cafeteria of the university canteen are available.

    Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor

    Since its establishment, over six persons served as VC to this University. Current and 7th in the University is now performing his responsibility of Vice-Chancellor Professor A A M S Arefin Siddique.

    Convocation of Dhaka University

    On 1 July 1921 the academic activities of the university since the start of the first regular convocation of the University of British period is two in February 1923. Moreover, from 1924 to 1946 per year (total 4 times) convocation was held. November 1, 1946 was organized at the end of the British era. Pakistan during the first convocation of the university was held on March 4, 1948. The convocation to 1970 is 15 times more. Pakistan during the last convocation on March 8, 1970; It was the 39th convocation. After independence, the first (40) convocation was scheduled to be held on 15 August 1975. President & chancellor of the University Bangaabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was inaugurated as president of the convocation; But before the massacre took place in the early hours of August 15 tragedy and he failed to attend the convocation. On 18 December 1999, the 40th convocation was held. The next convocation was held in 2001. Since then, the convocation of the regular way. Last 49th convocation was held on January 13, 2015.

    Former Students and Teachers

    Prominent economist and founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Dhaka University Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Like him, so many prominent figures are now residing almost all the capitals of the countries in the globe.