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Public University

University of Dhaka

Dhaka University (briefly called and written DU), also known as multi-faculties based research university; situated at capital’s central and focal place named SHAHBAGH; the city is focusing on an official university grades. In 1921, the then British India was established in accordance with Oxbridge education. During the early years by several renowned scholars and scientists in the context of strictly controlled quality standards, it has been recognized as the Oxford of the East.

Highly educated people, almost two-thirds are of the students now belonging to this university. University faculty members have won the upwards of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. Also, as the largest and the only university in the top 100 universities in the globe, to take place from Asia week. Here there are nearly 33500 students and 1805 teachers.

History od University of Dhaka

In the second decade of the twentieth century of British colonial rule, the spirit of independent nationhood inspired the process of establishing the university. This university crops in protest of the injustice to British rule in India by the populace of the then East Bengal. Muntasir Mamun, a renowned historian, writes this tale in the book “memory & oblivion City of Dhaka”…

As compensation of annulment of the partition, the university was established. Lord Lytton termed it as Imperial splendid compensation. East accomplishments, the economy was lagging behind in all cases. After partition, the situation had changed somewhat, especially in the field of education.On February 2, 1912, British Viceroy of India Lord Hardinge assured to establish Dhaka University in Dhaka. Just three days before it, Nawab Salimullah, Dhanbari Nawab Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury, Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq and other leaders met the Viceroy and appealed to open this university. On May 27, under the leadership of Barrister Nathan, D R Kulacar, Nawab Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury, Nawab Islam, Dhaka’s influential civil Anand Chandra Roy, Jagannath College (now university) Principal Lalit Mohan Chatterjee, Principal of Dhaka College Acirbalda, Dhaka Madrassa (the poet Nazrul Government College) caretaker Shamsul Ulema Abu Nasr Muhammad Waheed, Muhammad Ali (Aligarh), Presidency College Principal H R R James, Professor of Presidency College, CW. Peak, and the Sanskrit College Chancellor Satish Candra Achyriya met the Viceroy.

They added support to establish University to the Viceroy. Nathan published the positive report in 1913 and it was approved in December of that year.

Sadler Commission formed in 1917 to offer positive report, the Commission on 13 March 1920 the Indian Parliament passed “The Dhaka University Act (Act No. 13) 1920 ‘. Rafiqul Islam, a book about the events of the next 80 years, according to the university, Nathan Committee proposed the establishment of the University of Dhaka’s Ramna on area of 450 acres. This place was the college, the Government House, the Secretariat and the Government Printing Press. At the beginning of the creation of the university faced many adversities. An educated group at the University of Calcutta stood as the then opposition. Especially those who opposed the partition of Bengal in 1906 that could not accept the establishment of the university. Annulment of the partition that was the rise of sun in the field of independence, so the university could establish a breach of the freedom of the people of the region would create inspiration and the great poet Rabindranath Tagore also opposed this initiatives terming Dhaka University as a sarcastic university like Mecca University. The university was established in 1914 after the First World War, there was uncertainty. As a result, the people of East Bengal, expressed disappointment. In March 1917, the Imperial Legislative Council, Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury urged the government immediately to furnish the university bill. On 3 March 1920, the Governor General consent to the bill. The law is based on the establishment of the university. Because of the implementation of the Act on 1 July 1921, the university began.

The University is open to students from 1 July 1921. Ramna area at the time of the most elite and beautifies nearly 600 acres of land in the province of Eastern Bengal and Assam abandoned Bhabanadi and Dhaka College (the Curzon Hall) built up a pleasant environment of the university buildings. The establishment of this day every year, “University Day” is celebrated.