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South Asian University: Glory of South Asian Countries

South Asian University is established in New Delhi aiming to enlightening just learners of eight SAARC countries to this university. There lies a postgraduate, M Phil and PhD to study here. There is provision for scholarships here. 10 per cent of the seats are kept reserved for Bangladeshi students at the university. It is as if the meeting gathering of the eight SAARC countries. We have to talk some Bangladeshi students studying in the university over on line.

Learners Sharing Views

A student of legal studies Kamrul Hasan said it is a University of Specialization and international standard that students of SAARC countries attract to it greatly. On 2014, once I saw in the newspaper that the admission tests are going on and by receiving India’s Silver Jubilee scholarship, I got admitted into the postgraduate law of occupation first.”

Rubina Akhtar, other Bangladeshi student, studying in international relations department, said she was the student of Asian University for Women in Chittagong. She from there has graduated and got admitted into post graduation degree in this university in New Delhi. Rubina said, “Come here, to have friendships with students from various countries in South Asia. You can have a glimpse of idea on different culture and lifestyle. A host of teachers and researchers came from western countries to teach the learners of the university. After listening to her words, a Mustafa Hussain, another student said further more, “We encourage students to research at the university, the teachers try all the time.”

Field of Study

There are only Master’s, MPhil and PhD programs are available at this university in the cases of having higher education. Moreover, learners are here got admitted into Applied mathematics, Biotechnology, Computer science, Economics, Sociology, International relations and Legal studies.

Admission Eligibility and Admission Tests

Students having number of 50 to 55 percent of the grade, are usually enjoy chance to get into admitted to these classes of Masters and M.Phil, PhD programs as undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students in Thematic examination take part in a written test for admission to Masters. The written test was held at a total of 100. During the three hours examination will be continued. Admission exam syllabus and examination procedures already available on the university website. The admission test for students of any university in Bangladesh was held.

Application Process

Admission is introduced at the beginning of every year. To apply for admission to the university’s website and download the forms to be filled by the fresher students. The application can be submitted online or kuriyarayogeo. Online or offline, the application fee is US $ 10.

Costs and Scholarships

There has opportunity to study with a scholarship in this University. Presidents have the opportunity to receive a scholarship through admission tests. There are also many other scholarships. Accommodation and food for the students of the university are available to hostels.

The Bangladeshi Students

From Bangladesh every year about three Masters and M.Phil, PhD Program, 30 to 35 students are getting a chance to read to this University. SAARC member countries as well as 10 percent of the students in getting admission seats. South Asian university degree and the University Grants Commission had approved all the countries of South Asia and the SAARC nation’s students have access to career and education.


Emperor Akbar was building on the campus of the University of Delhi in India’s Chanokyopuri. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC-member states of the South Asian University in collaboration with the 2010 since the official said it has been running at good speed. Details can also be visited to the South Asian University website: