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Jahangirnagar University Dhaka

Jahangirnagar University Political View

Political organizations are active at the University campus, Bangladesh Chhatra Dal, Socialist Chhatra Front, Bangladesh Chhatra Union, Bangladesh Chhatra League, and Bangladesh Chhatra Federation are practicing the freedom of expression in the campus.

Cultural of Jahangirnagar University

Some cultural organizations are available in the JU campus, theater, sound, film movement, Jalasiri, Zahir Raihan Film Society, joy, pasture cultural center, Photographic Society, University Debate Organization, University Debating Society, Utthanapatha, prapada, JU Student Film Society, kahanakatha , etc. exist. Ten cultural organization of social and political forces to work in the cultural alliance formed JU.

Jahangirnagar University Cultural Alliance

University students, writers, artists and cultural workers in various cultural organizations and integrated social-political alliance or organization are here in JU campus. The Alliance was established in 1998. During the movement against the autocratic rule of the university, several students’ organizations started movement to unite the various cultural organizations. Similarly, various national and local organizations participated in the rally. Combined cultural organizations, the Coalition of University Muktamancha brought out several processions. All of this felt need of the mass movement is a permanent structure. Thus long journey in the field of anti-rape movement JU Cultural Alliance is playing its due role in need of times.

Coalition of 10 organizations currently include:

  • JU theater (the TSC)
  • JU Theatre (Auditorium)
  • Sounds
  • Film Movement
  • Jalasiri
  • Pasture Cultural Center
  • Zahir Raihan Film Society (JU)
  • Organization of JU Debate
  • FUN
  • JU Debating Society
  • Science
  • Science movement stage
  • Bangladesh Science Organization
  • Miscellaneous

Social and voluntary organization of JU. There is also a variety of students’ welfare association.

  • JU Science Club
  • JU-adventure club
  • Leo Club of Liberty, Jahangirnagar University
  • Rotyarakta Club
  • Stopping
  • JU Programmers Club
  • Eksaplorarsa
  • Leo Club
  • PDF
  • Catkin
  • Sections:
  • Relatives assembly
  • JAJADI Friends Forum
  • JU Journalists’ Association

Organization of Jahangirnagar University Debate
Debate Organization of the University of Jahangirnagar university student debate organization.2 005, 3 December it was established. Since the establishment of the University of the Debate inside and outside the arena, University Debate Organization is working. “Let be lightened” with the slogan 3 005 of December 7 debatable journey Dhaka University Debate Organization (judo). Abdullah Ahmed, founder, president and founder Rajan Mazharul Islam served as general secretary. Since the establishment of the inter-university debate competition judo are now 5, 6 inter-department debate competition, six and four of the International debate is the debate competition organized by the festival. Judo Champion in 2011 including 10 awards in various competitions. Debate Organization of the University on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm University Medical Center have conducted regular debate practice. The debate was conducted on Tuesday, especially in English.