Public University

Jahangirnagar University Dhaka

Faculty of Mathematical and Physics

  1. Computer Science & Engineering
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Statistics Division
  6. Department of Geological Sciences
  7. Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics: on 2007, this section of this University football match became champion 4 times in 5 years.

Urban and Regional Planning Division

  1. Department of Anthropology
  2. Public Administration;
  3. Government and Politics
  4. Geography and Environment

While the establishment of university departments, although the Department of Geography in 1998, the first batch of Masters Episode 1 with the addition of the environmental science department of geography and environmental is on progress. It is a department of the Faculty of Social Sciences was given the certificate of M.Sc Faculty of Biology:

  1. Department of Botany
  2. Department of Zoology
  3. Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology
  4. Pharmacy Division
  5. Bio chemistry and molecular biology department
  6. Microbiology department

Faculty of Business Studies

  1. Finance and banking
  2. Marketing Department
  3. Accounting and Information Systems Division
  4. Management Division

Faculty of Law

  1. Legal Department
  2. Institutes and centers

Institute in Business Administration (IBA), a former business administration department

  1. Institute of Information Technology (IIT)
  2. Language Education Center
  3. Institute of Remote Sensing

Monument and sculpture of Jahangirnagar University

JU University is gradually becoming one among the renowned universities. This university was founded in 1970 in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh is the only residential university that lies among the natural beauties. In front of the art department at the University of language movement in 1952 signals as a symbol of the liberation movement that finally achieved in 1971 5 feet in diameter and 71 feet in height is the tallest of the Shaheed Minar. Eight staircases, and three columns; the triangle-shaped symbol of steadfastness and the people of Bangladesh are great for candid martyr-heroes has described the greatness of the sacrifice of the genus. 8 steps of the emergence of 8 significant year 1947, 195, 1954, 196, 1966, 1969, 1970 and 1971-are the three pillars of a Bengali literature and culture, and the other two soil and people’s independence and sovereignty and economic freedom and democratic spirit represents. The Shaheed Minar premises crimson green university student earned the red-green national flag as it appears to us. Architect – the architect to establish foundation official, Hussein – Mustahidur Prof Dr Rahman (Twenty Karthik 6 November 1411 ~ 2004), the opening – Professor Dr Mustahidur Toys (1 February 1414 to 13 February ~ 2008)

University library in front of the War Memorial Sculpture “Sansaptaka”. This sculpture is one lost a leg and an arm of the conquest of freedom sansaptaka tool gathers above. Hamiduzzaman Khan, the architect of the ETV medals. Sbarane sociology of language in front of the building sculptures “immortal twenty-one.” Hamidur’s architect. The name of the street poet Sarani Dal leader killed in the communal movement Habib Rahman Kabir and Al-Biruni Hall in memory of students killed in a road accident in front of the memorial to the memory of wife.

Jahangirnagar University Residential Halls

One resident of the University of Dhaka University. That is, for each of the students to be given a seat. The BA (Hons) period of growth and delayed due to the first-year students taking the test was quite late seats. At present the total of the number 13, for the students and for students from six to seven there.

Al-Beruni Hall 500+ seat, placed on June 68, 1970 1 five fours and the only residential university in the country since the start of the project as well as the JU University students to live with a residential building plans are taken on an urgent basis. According to him, the No. 1 residential hostel (the Al-Beruni Hall) was built. He was in charge of the implementation of the eminent educationist Dr. Surat Ali Khan. 1) five fours and five fours in 7 renowned jnanasadhaka `Al-berunira this hall is named after. 1 in l686l 1512000 / – (fifteen thousand million) cost “bastakalabida” red brick through the engineering company that specializes in 128 rooms of 4 (four) floor, this hostel is built.


Since the beginning of the University of Al-Beruni Hall is not any different for women combined with, the total 1 l7172 session (three), the seat is allocated to the students. The campus is designed for teachers, students, temporary accommodation was basatite No. -1. 1 for 1 full five fours and 8 students in the residence halls (the Nawab Faizunnesa) is created in the name of Al-Beruni Hall is closed admitted. In the following years, the number of students admitted to the Al-Beruni hall 1 and the extension building by adding two more in contrast to the 126 and 168 students respectively were admitted. 1 -1 separate buildings is extended to five fours and 86 are converted as of the current name of the Fazilatunnesa. 1 five fours in 83 buildings in the former library hall connected with five fours and a further 6 students were admitted. After the building was converted as an academic at the Institute of Bio-chemistry necessary.