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Freedom to Choose Jobs: Which Job is Perfect for You?

How marketing as a career, the challenge is to take what the women of this profession? It is organized for the purpose of exchange of experience among them, best Women marketer Day on April 30, organized by the United International University Career Counseling Center.

Top private and public university students took part in the best Women’s Day. They exchanged practical experience with their career successful figures in their respective fields. Among them, the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Selima Ahmad, President and Founder. Former caretaker government adviser and Principal Gitiara Safiya Choudhury, Managing Director, SEMA Tamanna Zarif Country Manager, EF, Rangs properties General Manager (Sales, Marketing and Customer Service) and United International University Vice¬≠Chancellor Professor Farzana Khan, M. Rizwan Khan were present.

The women have the freedom to do their favorite jobs. In addition, how for marketing as a professional? Although seen recently, the girls showed the ultimate success in this profession. Still, the question often comes to mind is the root Sifat and his friends. The woman’s job has not changed our attitude, if it is understood around the track. Respect the dignity of women in the ongoing growth process. Various movements, struggles, and awareness and realization through such programs than it is to challenge all the girls will surely one day.

Day of Women of marketer best Sifat Sultana cheerful. Sifat said, “This type of program would contribute to the empowerment of women. I am feeling kind of out of necessity to choose marketing as a career. Here is the direct experience of my career I think that will be quite useful.”

Siddique maisa reading in business administration, marketing matters. Maisa said, “During the ceremony, which highlighted various examples of successful women. As a result, our status, job type and context of the future will work to obtain.”

The freedom of profession, women in the decision to come forward. The practice of education will dominate. To give guidance to students interested in building a career in marketing to women marketer best Women’s Day was held from the organizers said.

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