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Easy way to Remember What You have Read

Self-Confidence to Remember the Lessons

Self-confidence is the first and foremost pre-condition to succeed in any sort of deeds. I rethink myself that learning and studying is much easier to humans. I have to have it at any cost. It seems that learning or studying anything is much difficult, that will prove too easy. Do not get frightened to any subject. If once it found you weak then it is quite impossible to go ahead. Which is the best time to study? Answer is very simple. IT IS DAWN. The brain is fresh at this time to collect or recall anything.

Concept Tree to Remember the Lessons

One better strategy to collect and recollect on studies is CONCEPT OF TREE. Before going to grasp study, you divide the chapter in seven parts; write a line of summary on each part first, then draw a tree with seven leaves and write down those summaries each on the leaves. This process of learning is so scientific and effective that each learner can easily learn the study if he or she goes through the writing inscribed on seven leaves early in the morning. This process is more applicable in learning Bengali and Geography.

Make Keywords to Remember the Lessons

Rhythm is very easy process to remember any topic. Especially in the case of the tougher portions of any subject, it is more applicable and effective to memorize. For example, the seven colors of the rainbow technique are easy to remember for Bengali speaking students if they keep the word ‘BENIASAHAKALA’ in the mind. The word is the first letter of each color. Thus remember cosines, sea salt, there is a ghost in the grave, cross-eyed tall demon, thanks to remember. In other words, the sign means orthogonal / hypotenuse (the sea is salt), Cos means Land / hypotenuse (the graves are demons), Tan means orthogonal / Land (cross-eyed tall demons).

Read by Maintain Time-Schedule

In the case of memorizing the lessons of general history, this tactic is very practical to keep historical data in mind. First, you roughly pick up thorough idea on history of 4 hundred years together, and then begin to note down WHO, WHEN, WHY was notable to write on your notebook according the chronology of years, decades and centuries. If you make habit to read these information every day, you will be able to establish your command upon these lessons very easily.

Always Reading loudly

Loud reading practice is conducive to learn and memorize anything very easily. When studying, reading silently slowing down the learning time is lost interest. If you are not interested in learning to read, and after a while it disappeared from the brain. After learning to repeat it repeatedly. This sort of reading also helps anybody a lot to remember.

Read in Your Own Way

Be attentive in class is very essential to earn and learn lessons. Develop habit of making notes by you according to teacher’s lectures and textbooks. In the same way, practice writing an answer by your own way. To your own reading will be easier to remember. Later, when you achieve learning, you can be easily mastered it, and you can write your own courageously. This way of learning saves you from missing any lesson.

The New Old Mixing Style

Please make practice to enrich your note while you go to learn anything new taking the similar things. Cause of the failure of the brain to store the new information is here noteworthy. However, it is very easy to add new information with old information. For example, “CD”, the word that reminds us the old days, if you will call to remember the lyrics. Just remember, the key difference between the two words. When learning a new formula from PHYSICS that peruses you to see physics, before the fall of the formula any match with any of the sources of early studies.

Search the Answers of WHY

This process is mainly applicable for science students. They all seem to be eagerly to learn new things. Investigating minds want to learn about something more likely to remember. After reading a section of lesson if you go to the lab for practical classes, your science formulas and solutions can be easily mastered.

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