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Do you have American Non-Immigrant Visas? | VarsityAid.com

Student Visa

Do you have American Non-Immigrant Visas?

Consular Section of American Embassy in Bangladesh usually provides Visa offer on different types of services to Bangladeshi citizens and foreign nationals. Here are three types of services:-

  1. Non-immigrant Visas
  2. Temporary Visas
  3. Tourist Visas
  4. Business Visas
  5. Student Visas
  6. Temporary Worker Visas

Immigrant Visas: He or she, who wants to go to United States, may collect having an immigrant visa.

Diversity Visas: Diversity visa lottery that all Bangladeshi citizens qualify to immigrate to United States for their visa.

Non-immigrant Visa Eligibility: travel, business, study or temporary non-immigrant visa, those who want to go to the United States can apply for.

For the interview date

  • Interview with the American embassy, operator Simon Group is entitled to fix time schedule.
  • The applicant organization immediately once the application fee, which is necessary to complete the visa application process.

American Non-immigrant Visa Fees B, C, D, F, I, J, M visa $ 160. H, L, P, Q, and the $ 190 visa. K (Finance (e) of US Citizen Sposa) of $ 240. E (30 investors / trader) is $ 270. Sebasies visa fee for students (Pay-to-DHS) is $ 200. Sebhisa exchange for a fee (pay-to-DHS) $ 180.

Simon Group or Standard Bank is to collect the money for visa application fee receipt. During the visa interview, the receipt of this money is to show to consular officer.

Office Time schedule

Visa interview: Sunday 10.30 am to 11.30 am Wednesday from 1.00 pm

Visa Delivery Time

Sunday to Thursday from 1 pm.

Before reaching embassy, what are to do?

  • Fill up the form DS-160 before go there. The form is available at the following address: http://ceac.state.gov/genniv
  • Mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic items talcum powder fitted passport and no weapons cannot be brought into the embassy.

Visa Collection

  • Visa has the time schedule to obtain by the visa officer.
  • Generally, visa can be obtained within two business days if successful visa application is available.

Why American Visa Rejection?

  • For getting visa, Consular officials is pleased to interview having strong reason to come back after traveling to the country, unless the visa application is refused. The visa officer is to fill out forms and can work to fix the date of the interview.
  • For non-immigrant visa to travel at least 90 days before the interview is scheduled.

Documents Required

Simon overseas what includes–

  • A passport contains thickness of 6 months validity after your trip to United States
  • Two copies of passport size recent photographs (PDF-59.8 KB)
  • Each passport service charge is fixed taka 500 and VAT 15%

Form DS-160 confirmation page and submit one of the following:-

  • Non-immigrant visa application fee
  • Each application-processing fee of Rs 100 + 15% VAT
  • OR
  • Standard Chartered Bank can issue non-immigrant visa application fee receipt to the clients.
  • All applicants are to fill in questionnaire with personal information and travel history to Simon overseas.
  • Info page of the passport renewal is a seal of legitimacy as a photocopy of the end.
  • Re-apply there. However, the re-interviewed to determine the re-application forms and fees are submitted.
  • Some applicants are declared ineligible permanent or temporary entry to United States, the interviewer told it to the concerned applicants.
  • Sometimes the final decision is to seek additional documents. Any additional documents are to submit on Sunday from 2 pm to 3pm.

Emergency Travel to American

  • Emergency treatment, hospitalization or an emergency trip to the emergency meeting measures to dispose of the dead bodies are to be taken back.
  • These cases require more outstanding paper include: the disposition of dead bodies to the letter the company, that correspond to a medical emergency doctors or the hospital’s ability to meet the offer of a letter or a medical expense.
  • In case of an emergency trip, those are eligible to apply for the meeting is to contact to Dhakaiv@state.gov e-mail. Or 8824449 Fax number is to apply wittingly.

Consular Section

US Embassy 1 Madani Avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka Phone: 8855500 (citizen services), Fax: 88-4449 E-mail: dhakaNiv@state.gov

Simon Overseas
Home: 4 / A, Road: X, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212
Phone: 880029893964