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Creative Career in Fine Arts

Many young people have talent of drawing. However, in order to develop the talent it needs care and proper guidance. Keeping this point in mind, every year the organizers arrange workshop on admission into the Fine Arts Institute that lies in Faculty of Fine Arts at the Dhaka University. The organizers have been arranging this workshop in premises of Faculty of Fine Arts for a long time.

The idea of the workshop is drawing, sketch, art history, culture and philosophy of the first reading, which is essential for drawing. As we know, it needs measurement for Still Life; to understand the backdrop, it needs to give importance a great deal for the figure drawings. To know Scenic view of nature, drawing needs for the same composition. The history of art makes us acquainted with coordinating spirit and creativity. Currently, there have only 135 seats in the eight categories in Fine Arts.

However, eagerly young people in drawing may learn much more important points from these workshops. To achieve only opportunity for admission is not cardinal here; the imperative is to draw pictures based initial concepts is very essential.

Every year, the last year of graduate students usually arrange the workshop. This year, the workshop has been named as ‘bud’. You can know more about this workshop if you contact to faculty of fine arts to: 01677281177, 01675640121, and 01915376690 numbers.

Meanwhile, this year’s admission activities have been started. Enrollment will continue for the next four months long. Do not sit idle young friends; come to join the workshop.