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Career Guideline: Diploma in Engineering After SSC | VarsityAid.com

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Career Guideline: Diploma in Engineering After SSC

After a four­year diploma in engineering was taken to the SSC. Under the Department of Technical Education Diploma Engineering courses conducted in various districts of the town, there are also many non­governmental organizations in the Government Polytechnic Institute.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS for Diploma in Engineering

To apply for public institutions of higher mathematics or mathematics­3 with min GPA GPA candidate must be SSC pass to ­3.5. Bhartitathya 2014­15 academic year, according to tech firms will be able to apply in addition to the previous two years, the students who passed SSC or equivalent.

Fields on Diploma in Engineering

Architecture, automobile, chemical, civil, civil (Wood), computer, electrical, electronics, food, power, mechanical, printing, graphic design, glass, ceramics, Electro Medical, Marine, ship building, sarbheyim, mekatanikasa, construction, telecommunications, Environmental Science, Refrigeration and eyarakandisanim, Computer Science and Technology, Architecture and Interior Design, Garment Design and Pattern Making, Instrumentation and Process Control, data, telecommunications and networking, etc. are taught inastitiutaguloya palitekanikala.

Diploma in Engineering Admission Information

SSC has given notice to attend the Department of Technical Education. To be admitted to the Diploma in Engineering from now on will be to prepare for the exam. For all information, you can contact the Department of Technical Education bhartisankranta (www.techedu.gov.bd) website. Further information can be found in the Technical Education Board bhartisankranta own website (www.bteb.gov.bd).

Diploma in engineering, a few more things:

Textile Engineering

A high degree of engineering in the subject, one of them textile engineering or textile engineering. The government department (www.dot.gov.bd) under the Textile Institute of Dinajpur, Barisal Shaheed Serniabat Textile Engineering College and Tangail Textile Institute has three officials Textile Institute. In addition, there are non­textile institute in one. Institutions have completed a diploma course in BSc engineering can be read from Dhaka Textile Engineering University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) and several private universities.

Agricultural Engineering

Under the Technical Education Board Rangpur, Gaibandha, Pabna, Khulna, Barisal, Faridpur, Dhaka, Gazipur, Sherpur, Sylhet, Noakhali, Chittagong and Rangamati district has 13 agricultural training institutes. This diploma course, the candidate from the SSC science GPA of 3 or science department other than the standard math or science in general, including grade­point­two­­3 must have a minimum GPA.

Health Technology and Services

Bangladesh Technical Education Board affiliated with the course of three years. There are 39 educational institutions across the country. The subject is taught in these institutions, are as follows: Dental, Patient Care, physiotherapy, pharmacy, radiology and imaging, integrated and laboratory technology. Students who want to enroll in this course, the SSC General Mathematics or in Mathematics higher grade­point­two­with (or 40 per cent of the number), min GPA II (or second division) will stay. Here, students can apply for any year of the pass.

The new requirement is in accordance with the admission notice can vary.

Field of study public health

Public health or the public health sector, featuring a variety of activities involved in the treatment and medical management. South Asian countries like Bangladesh are at the risk of health care.

Like students around the world, in Bangladesh, with the aim to introduce the country on 2004, “James P. Grant (JPG) School of Public Health education activities are being conducted. BRAC University School of Public Health Education Program conducted under the JPG inseparably involved with the three institutions. These are ICDDRB, BRAC University and development organization BRAC. However, the percent of classes ICDDRB and all academic activities are conducted on campus. We are at the aisididiarabite day. 59 students are studying here about public health in the current session.

Not only in domestic students, has JPG schooled of Public Health programs and foreign students and researchers coming every year. Three hundred students from the four countries have graduated mph. There are 10 students in the current academic session.

Let us listen to the words of the few foreign students. Bangladesh Why did them not. US citizen Carly Enabela said, “I have graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Health Behavioral affairs. Then the “research assistant” working in a population of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Mauritius also worked as a consultant with AIDS. Now mph chosen for the School of Public healthcare JPG.”

Hyanaka Tegenni has read here from Ethiopian Haramaya University of Veterinary Public Health Department. He expressed the hope that the future of any world­class university that will help him to take a PhD.

Pukinii Alaisa from Papua New Guinea, he is working as Buganabhile Regional Health Director of Public Health. To mph choosing Bangladesh as the cause of Bangladesh to improve the public health sector, exemplified in the developing world. We hope to use the experience I could improve my own country.”

With some Bangladeshi students are talking. Save the Children has been working in public health for a long time Mausumi Amin, a former officer of the season. According to him, JPG, School of Public Health, MPH degree for those interested to work on this topic would be helpful career.

Sabinul Islam and the Muhammad Awlad Hossain, both doctors. They want to work in the future higher degree in public health sector in Bangladesh.

Nishat, 33 have joined the BCS cadre immaculate organization. According Nishat, the Bangladesh government for immunization coverage and tuberculosis activities already appreciated dots. As a government official janasbasthyabisayaka institutional knowledge that will help me to work at the level of policy­making in the future.”

Eligibility and Rules of Admission

Remember better, MBBS graduates, not just education mph.MBBS In addition to the Life Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in sociology, etc., then you can easily apply for admission. Only the English and mathematics skills will be needed. From there simitasankhyaka students through written and oral examination for admission are nominated. However, health or other social sectors, priority is given to applicants with at least one years of experience.

Acting Dean of the School of Public Health in JPG Malabika Sarkar “said the one­year education program begins each year in January. Usually at the beginning of October, admission notice was published in several national newspapers. 60 seats are available. Women, doctors and other graduate students at the rate of 50 per cent of graduates are admitted. Foreign students are assigned seats.”

For more information, visit this website sph.bracu.ac.bd can be.

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